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Gold's Gyms came to RTVA to create a solution for no waste geographic/demographic targeting of Gold's Gyms locations within a desired radius from each club market to market, RTVA created a geo-demo targeting strategy that combines their extensive background in media utilizing Pandora and Cable Television with proprietary zip code based topographic mapping capabilities. The strategy has proved to be a game changer for many of the Gold's Gyms franchisees throughout The United States...

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., relies on RTVA to handle their media and station promotions/interviews for their live events including Wrestlemania, WWE Raw, Smack Down, Summerslam and Axxess. RTVA delivers the most cost efficient media buying available while obtaining excellent added value delivering key radio and television station interviews, station on site broadcasts, ticket giveaways, contests and much more. WWE has been working with RTVA for over 13 years.

Creation's Garden All Natural and Organic Body, Skin and Hair Care products we so impressed by RTVA's television production reel, not to mention their 2 Emmy's, that they hired us to produce the television commercial launching their new product line. "Health As Nature Intended" was best expressed through RTVA's "Garden Of Eden" story line featuring an amazingly beautiful model and her spectacular milky smooth skin. After discovering RTVA also had the ability to provide effective, cost efficient media buying, we were hired to handle their market to market brand execution.

Tom Bell grew up in the automotive business with his father in Memphis Tennessee. From selling cars to the likes of Elvis he left to pursue his dream of owning his own Chevrolet dealership in California. RTVA was proud to have made it's early start with Tom in 1984. Tom now owns 8 automotive franchises in 3 separate locations including Chevrolet, Toyota, Scion, Mazda, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram Truck. From the jingles on the lips of thousands to the billions of dollars in automotive sales, RTVA helped a generation of Southern Californian's come to know Tom Bell in a way that's larger than life, which is poetic for a man with such a big heart.

When the owners of Titan Fitness LLC, aka Fitness Connection decided to become independent of a corporate franchise they were part of, RTVA worked with their brand strategists to take their vision to the airwaves. We created their radio and television commercials, handling their media buying and carry out their branding strategy. They’ve now grown to over 27 locations in multiple states and still growing. We continue to broaden their footprint with Broadcast Television, Cable Television and Radio supported by targeted Pandora campaigns.

In 1898, Henry Fisher founded the Redlands Plumbing Co. and went into business installing, fixing and maintaining the relatively new luxury commodity that was indoor plumbing complete with horse and cart.

Today, more than 100 years later, the company is still doing business in Redlands and throughout the Inland Empire as Henry Bush Plumbing, Heating & Air. In 2004, Henry Bush came to RTVA looking for a boost in business. The company had a very distinguishable brand. RTVA recommended reducing the size of their yellow page ads slightly and investing the savings into a very catchy jingle RTVA created for them, with a small radio campaign around it.

Today that radio campaign has grown into one of the key sources of new business for Henry Bush Plumbing Heating & Air, enabling them to grow into one of the region’s largest service providers with an entire fleet of shiny red trucks.

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digital / interactive / social

Pandora · Online Radio · E-Marketing · Web Campaigns · Direct Mail Marketing · Social Media

RTVA’s top notch team of award winning creative geniuses will create your entire Online Web, Digital and/or Viral campaigns in their entirety. We utilize the vision from your side of the desk and combine it with the expertise of our years of media creative experience and successes delivering a targeted unique approach.


audio / video / photography

Creative · Production · Commercials · Industrial Video · Television Content Online Video · Still Photography

RTVA’s clients deserve the best production available! Our Award Winning Production Department proudly boasts Multiple Awards for commercial production in radio, television and still photography including: 2-Emmys, 1-Clio Award, 1 Telly Award, 2- A Awards, 1-CINDY Award, 1-Polaris Award, 1- Los Angeles International Film Festival Nomination, 1- Bronze from The Columbus International Film Festival, 1-U.S. Film Festival Award, 1-Silver Telly Award and 1-Citibank Advertising Award.


media buying

Strategy · Planning · Execution · Accountability

RTVA are true media scientists… Geographic, Demographic and Psychographic targeting by Zip Code, County, MSA or DMA. We analyze your target consumer against your proposed budget and provide the most cost efficient means of accomplishing your media goals. On average we save our clients 30% or more while delivering more effective campaigns with greater added value opportunities. We do all of this without an agency retainer.

Our Services Our Services

We’re not your typical media agency. We save you money while delivering the results you want, when you want them. Unlike most agencies, we don’t charge a monthly retainer for our services or add a bunch of fees to your bill.

We can also save you money
– up to 25% or more –

By maintaining close relationships with media partners. We get you discounts and added value opportunities most advertisers can’t.

Not only do we save you money, we save you time. We research the geographic locations, demographics and psychographics of your target audience to find the most effective and efficient way to reach potential clients.

We offer creative & production services so you don’t have to worry about developing award-winning work yourself.

And, we act as a buffer between you and the media so you don’t waste valuable time talking to sales reps about media you don’t want to buy.


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